Surname of a widow

Let us say a certain woman met the love of her life on a one fine day.

After some years as sweethearts, they decided to get married and soon they did.

Like what most, if not all, married women would do, she chose to use the surname of her husband as her surname the moment they got married.

But, after some time, her husband suddenly fell ill and later died.

While their marriage ended with the death of her husband, her love for him never ended with his death.

One way to show her undying love for him was to continue using his surname, which she in fact did.

But, soon after, much to her surprise, the relatives of her deceased husband had suddenly asked her to stop using his surname.

They reasoned out that since their marriage had already ended because of his death, she consequently lost the right to use his surname.

Of course, she strongly disagreed and refused to stop using it.

Though, at the back of her mind, she was really worried, because they might be right after all.

But does she really have anything to worry at all? None.

Why? Because our law is clear in that a widow like her is given the right to continue using the surname of her deceased husband as if he were still living.

This is of course if she so desires.

But if she no longer wishes to continue using it, she may then use her maiden name and surname again.


Article 373 of the Civil Code of the Philippines

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