Will I see my father again?

This photo of me and my father, + Angelo “Sonny” C. Lopez, Jr., and the thousands of people in the background, was taken on September 8, 2011 at Clark Expo, Philippines while we were covering for ACL Special Edition (ACCTN) the annual birthday celebration of Mama Mary.

Four years ago today, my father passed away.

Back then, I was so devastated.

My world fell apart and my life broke into bits and pieces.

I must admit that even to this very day, I still feel the excruciating emotional pain of losing him.

In fact, my heart still bleeds because of his death.

And I am sure it will not stop bleeding anytime soon.

My father’s death brought so many questions in my life.

Questions which I know only God and no human can answer.

The moment I learned back then that he was already gone, I began to ask these and several other questions:

•       Will I see him again?
•       If we see each other again one day, will he recognize me?
•       Will I recognize him?
•       Will he still be my father?
•       Will I still be his son?

September 8, 2011, Clark Expo, Philippines

Of course, the answers I desire for these questions are quite obvious.

I hope to see him again one day.

I also hope we will recognize each other.

I so hope too we will still be related to each other as father and son.

And all will be the same just like before he passed away.

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