Thank you Angeles City

This photo was taken by Maricar Dela Cruz on April 11, 2019 at EPZA, Pulung Cacutud, Angeles City.

I always wanted to serve the people of Angeles City as an elected public official.

It was what my heart truly desired even at a very young age.

I had three attempts to follow my heart’s desire.

My first was in 2001.

I was very young back then since I was only aged 23.

While my second was in 2010.

I can say that I was still relatively young then given that I was only aged 32.

My third of course took place very recently.

And this was on May 13, 2019.

On that fateful day, I was already aged 40.

In all these attempts, I ran for City Councilor.

In all, however, I had failed to win a seat.

With my third failed attempt, I began to realize that politics may not really be for me.

I have come to accept that God may have an entirely different plan in mind for me.

For sure, I will use the coming days to contemplate on and reevaluate all the things that took place in my life.

And I will seek for God’s guidance to finally figure out His real plan for me.

For now, however, let me express my heartfelt thanks to all who believed, supported and voted for me.

Remember always that I will forever be grateful to you.

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