Who will succeed President Duterte if he resigns from office?

President Rodrigo Duterte for the nth time said he was ready to “step down and retire.”

Based on news reports, he made this statement in one of his recent speaking engagements.

Is he serious?

Or is it just one of his jokes?

I cannot say for sure if he is really serious or simply joking this time.

Because only he can say with certainty what is on his mind.

But what if he is serious?

Can he step down and retire?

Is he allowed to resign from office?

The answer is of course a resounding YES.

Now if he later resigns, can he pick his successor?

The answer is a big NO.


Because the 1987 Constitution, which is the very constitution he is duty-bound to uphold and defend, is quite clear on this matter.

It says that if the President resigns from office, it is the Vice-President who will succeed him.


  • Section 8, Article VII (Executive Department) of the 1987 Constitution

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