Hear before you condemn Gilas

Image source: Unknown

I refrained at first from commenting on the infamous brawl that took place during the basketball game between the Gilas Pilipinas and the Australian Boomers.

I felt back then that it was not right for me to do so since I failed to watch the game.

But I later felt compelled to air my views given the way some others have reacted against Gilas, which, for me, was unfair.

Of course, I am not about to say that what Gilas did was right. Nor am I to judge them negatively and say what they did was wrong.

But all I wish to convey is we should not be too quick to pass judgment on them without hearing their side of the story.

Bear in mind that in every story, there are always two or even more sides.

Let us then be fair, especially with our very own. Hear before you judge. Hear before you condemn Gilas.

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