Promise Fulfilled

Marker’s design courtesy of the CDC-Communications Division and words by the author and the Lopez family

When my father, Angelo “Sonny” C. Lopez, Jr., was still alive, he always talked to me about a place called Haduan.

He did so whether we were speaking with each other privately at home or discussing some matters publicly on radio, both of which we loved doing together.

Haduan is a place located in the mountainous part of Pampanga and within the Clark Special Economic Zone.

I could still recall that among the things he often discussed with me about Haduan were some of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects of Clark Development Corporation (CDC) for its people.

Until his death, my father was the Manager of the CDC-External Affairs Department, which is the department responsible for the CSR projects of CDC.

The author at the Haduan Bridge (June 4, 2017)

Back when he was still alive, I had the chance to join him and others in various CSR projects of CDC.

But I must admit that most if not all of the projects where I was able to join him were those held in areas situated in Angeles City.

For some forgotten reasons, I was unable to join him in the CSR projects of CDC for Haduan.

Of course, I regret that I failed to join him in those projects, especially so because I knew he really wanted me to be with him in Haduan.

And so with that in mind, I made a solemn promise on his grave that I would go to Haduan one day.

The author at his father’s Haduan marker (June 4, 2017)

Six days before his second death anniversary, or on the morning of June 4, 2017, a Sunday, I finally set foot in Haduan.

Once in Haduan, I searched for his marker right away and soon after found it.

This was of course with the help of the Haduan tribal chieftain, who knew so much about his good deeds.

As soon as I found it, I gently touched the marker, bearing the photo of my father, and whispered, as if he was right in front of me, the words, “Promise Fulfilled.”

2 thoughts on “Promise Fulfilled

  1. Ang sweet naman po!! Nakakatouch 😍 Nagthrowback ulit po tuloy yung time na nagpunta kami ng Haduan Falls haha so tiring but worthy ❣️


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