Papa’s love story with Haduan

Let me share with you one love story about my father, Angelo C. Lopez, Jr., who was known to many as “Sonny,” and who we called “Papa” at home.

I am sure this is timely given that we are still in February, which is the month of hearts.

Papa at the Haduan Bridge (Photo courtesy of CDC-Communications Division)

When Papa was still alive, he always talked to me about a place called Haduan.

He did so whether we were speaking with each other privately at home or discussing some matters publicly on radio, both of which we loved doing together.

Among the things he often talked to me about Haduan was its falls, which, according to him, was so beautiful.

He was so proud of it in that he even encouraged me tirelessly to see and experience its beauty first hand.

I must admit though that I have never been to that place. And I have only seen images of it through the photos taken by others.

But I will surely go there, as Papa had always wanted for me to do, anytime soon.

Of course, aside from the falls, he also often talked to me about some of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects of Clark Development Corporation (CDC) for Haduan.

Papa was the former Manager of the CDC-External Affairs Department, which is the department responsible for the CSR projects of the corporation.

Haduan Falls (Photo courtesy of

From the way he spoke and the topics he discussed with me about Haduan, I felt right away that the place was close to his heart.

I can say in all sincerity that he truly loved the place so much.

And his love for the place became even more evident when he was still confined in the hospital fighting for his life.

Because one of the last few things he asked for me to do back then was to bring my sister Tiny and her family to Hadaun.

He even instructed me to ask the assistance of Brod. Larry Carlos and Brod. Erwin Yabut, who were among his staffs at the CDC-External Affairs Department.

That time, my sister Tiny and her family had just come from abroad to visit him due to his ailing condition.

But, while he was speaking, I suddenly felt as if he was already saying good-bye to me.

To avoid the possibility of hearing or seeing more signs of good-byes from him, I told him right away that we would only go to Haduan with him when he is already out of the hospital completely healed.

But all our hopes of going there with him suddenly faded with his death on June 10, 2015.

Or so we thought. Why? Because, several months after his death, something wonderful happened.

CDC MOA signing for the Haduan Water Supply Project in memory of Papa (Photo courtesy of Headline Gitnang Luzon)

On January 22, 2016, President Arthur P. Tugade signed for CDC a Memorandum of Agreement for the Haduan Water Supply Project in memory of Papa.

I must say that the signing of this agreement was truly a wonderful thing that ever happened to our family.

Because not only did it fulfill one of Papa’s dreams for Haduan, but it also gave us a chance to fulfill what we had thought of mistakenly as our faded hopes of going there with him.

This is Papa’s love story with Haduan. And this no doubt is a story with a happy ending.

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