What are the grounds for impeachment?

Days ago, I wrote an article titled, IS THE PRESIDENT THE ONLY IMPEACHABLE PUBLIC OFFICER IN THE PHILIPPINES? (August 14, 2014).

In that article, I enumerated the impeachable public officers in the Philippines aside from the President, namely:

1. The Vice-President; 2. The Members of the Supreme Court; 3. The Members of the Constitutional Commissions; and, 4. The Ombudsman.

And there I emphasized that the list is exclusive, which means that “all other public officers and employees” are not impeachable public officers.

After knowing who the impeachable public officers are in the Philippines, the question now is: “On what grounds may they be impeached?”

Our Constitution provides the answer to this question. And it says that they may be impeached for:

1. Culpable violation of the Constitution; 2. Treason; 3. Bribery; 4. Graft and corruption; 5. Other high crimes; or, 6. Betrayal of public trust.

If convicted after trial at the Senate sitting as an impeachment court for any of these grounds, they will suffer the penalty of removal from office and disqualification to hold any office under the Republic of the Philippines.

[References: Section 2 and Section 3(7) of Article XI (Accountability of Public Officers), Section 4 (1) of Article VIII (Judicial Department), and Section 1 of Article IX (Constitutional Commissions) of the 1987 Philippine Constitution/Author’s Note: This was first posted on the Internet on August 18, 2014]


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