Simple tips on how to vote in an automated election

Perhaps, by now, you already know who to vote. And the only thing left for you to do is to go to the polling precincts and cast your vote.

Aside from knowing who to vote, knowing how to vote, especially now that we are already in an automated election, is also of equal importance. And this is to avoid spoiling your vote.

Before going to the polling precincts, prepare a list of who to vote. This will not only make voting quick and easy for you, but it will also prevent you from over-voting.

By the time you are in the polling precincts to vote, make sure that your hands are clean to avoid staining the ballot.

When you stain the ballot, you run the risk of wasting your vote, because it may or may not be counted.

Once you have the ballot, proceed to the designated voting area and begin voting.

When voting, refer to your list and shade the ovals corresponding to the designated numbers and names of your candidates and party-list group appearing in the ballot.

Avoid over-voting! Over-voting happens when you choose more than the required number of candidates in a particular position.

For instance, you over-vote if you choose more than one candidate for the position of mayor. The same holds true for the positions of vice-mayor, congressman, and party-list group.

And this is because only one candidate is required to be voted for these positions and only one party-list group is required to be selected.

When you over-vote, you simply waste your vote, because it will not be counted.

Once you are done voting, feed the ballot into the PCOS machine and wait for the words Congratulations, your vote has been registered to appear on the PCOS machine screen.

[Author’s Note: This was first posted on the Internet on May 13, 2013]

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