Mandatory biometrics voter registration

President Benigno S. Aquino III recently signed into law Republic Act No. 10367.

Titled “An Act Providing for Mandatory Biometrics Voter Registration,” RA 10367 makes it mandatory for all voters, that is, whether new or registered, to have their biometrics captured.

Biometrics refers to the quantitative analysis that provides a positive identification of an individual such as voice, photograph, fingerprint, signature, iris and/or such other identifiable features.

Registered voters, whose biometrics have not yet been captured, are required to submit themselves for validation at the City or Municipal Election Officer beginning July 1, 2013.

Validation is the process of taking the biometrics of registered voters whose biometrics have not yet been captured.

Failure of registered voters to submit themselves for validation on or before the last day of filing of application for registration for the May 2016 election shall be subject to deactivation.

Deactivation refers to the removal of the registration record of the registered voter from the corresponding precinct book of voters for failure to comply with the validation process.

Registered voters, who have been deactivated, may nevertheless apply for reactivation but only after the May 2016 elections.

Reactivation refers to the reinstatement of a deactivated voter.

[Reference: RA 10367/Author’s Note: This was first posted on the Internet on April 21, 2013.]

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