Let us all help end violence against children

Whether on the Internet or on TV, I often see videos of parents hurting their children, who are unable to defend themselves due to their tender age.

And all they can do, while being physically abused, is to simply cry in pain. Worse, some even end up dying due to the fatal injuries they sustained.

As a loving parent, my heart breaks each time I see these videos. I find it hard to understand why there are parents who can afford to hurt their children, instead of just expressing love and care for them.

Of course, we can only speculate on why these parents hurt their children.  And this is precisely because we have no way of knowing what runs through their minds as they inflict harm on them.

But, certainly, no amount of explanation will ever be acceptable to justify hurting anyone, especially the children, much more our very own.

And so let us all help end violence against children, even only for the sake of our own.

[Author’s Note: This was first posted on the Internet on October 20, 2013]

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