How can we help end violence against children?

Last year, I wrote an article in this blog titled, “Let us all help end violence against children,” evidently urging everyone to help end such violence.

I wrote it in reaction to the videos I always see on the Internet or on TV, showing parents hurting their children, who, due to their tender age, are unable to defend themselves.

But how can we help end it? If you see someone hurting a child, call his attention right away and ask him to stop. Do it nicely to avoid worsening the situation.

If urgently needed, especially when life is at stake, waste no time and rescue the child. But never use unnecessary force or violence to avoid committing a crime.

Of course, rescuing the child, whether alone or with the help of others, ceases to be an option when it will place you at the risk of bodily harm or will put your life in danger.

In any event, it is always best to report the matter at once to the police or other authorities, such as barangay officials and social workers, and ask for their assistance.

This will give them the opportunity to take immediate action not only to protect and save the child’s life, but also to bring the person responsible to justice.


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