Eight legal ways on how to accumulate, build, and increase immensely your personal wealth

“Behind every great fortune there is a crime,” writes Honoré de Balzac, a nineteenth-century French novelist and playwright.

I came across this old adage back when I read the best selling crime novel “The Godfather,” written by Italian-American author Mario Puzo.

For years, I agreed with Balzac and regarded his adage as absolutely true, firmly believing that no one can ever accumulate, build, and increase to a great extent one’s personal wealth legally.

But as I began educating myself on financial literacy, I realized that Balzac’s adage, although not necessarily false, is flawed.

Why? Because, recently, I have learned that there are indeed ways on how to legally accumulate, build, and increase immensely one’s personal wealth.

And they may all be summed up into eight legal ways, namely: (1) save, (2) reduce unnecessary expenses, (3) get the cheapest for the same kind, quality, and quantity, (4) invest and do it wisely, (5) educate yourself continuously on financial literacy, (6) pray always, (7) share your blessings, and, above all, (8) enjoy doing this eight legal ways.

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