A childless couple’s story on adoption and simulation of birth

A childless couple went to a lawyer to consult him about legal adoption.

After the procedure and the expenses for legal adoption were explained to them, the couple suddenly asked the lawyer, “Can we just make it appear in his birth certificate that he is our child?”

“Because,” the couple added, “the procedure is too long and cumbersome and we do not have enough money to legally adopt him.”

When it was his turn to speak again, the lawyer advised the couple to refrain from doing such act.

Confused, the couple then asked the lawyer, “Why?”

“Because, it is illegal. In so doing, you are already committing the crime of Simulation of Birth,” the lawyer explained.

“And this crime,” the lawyer added, “carries with it not only the penalty of imprisonment, but also the payment of fine.”

Although the couple left unhappy, they were grateful to the lawyer, because he gave them an honest legal advice, which saved them from possible criminal prosecution.

[References: Article 347 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines and Sections 3 (j), 21 (b), and 22 of Republic Act No. 8552, otherwise known as “Domestic Adoption Act of 1998”]

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