Prayer of lawyers and judges

When my wife Kathy was pregnant with our son Vitto, my aunt Nelia gifted her with a prayer booklet, titled “Straight from the Heart: A Prayer Companion.”

Compiled and edited by Rev. Fr. Mario Jose C. Ladra, who hails from Calauan, Laguna, Straight from the Heart contains several beautifully written prayers, which, in the words of + Gaudencio B. Cardinal Rosales, former Archbishop of Manila, “are suited for different situations, different occasions, and different needs of people coming from different walks of life.”

As I leafed through its pages, I found a prayer tailor-made for me and my fellow lawyers, which I wish to share with them.

That prayer, titled “Prayer of Lawyers and Judges,” provides:

“Almighty God,
our Ultimate Truth and Supreme Law,
we humbly offer our day to you.

“May every word we say today
speak the truth,
and every action we take serve the law.

“Make us able counsel to our clients,
worthy officers of the courts,
and loyal servants of your justice.

“Measure our day
not by our failures or successes
but by our faithfulness to your will.

“And may each day of doing your will
bring us closer to your kingdom
of righteousness, justice, and love.

“We ask you this
through Christ our Lord.

It is my fervent hope that this prayer will reach my fellow lawyers and that, despite their busy schedules, they will still find time to say it regularly.

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